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Kahuna Snow Stick - Adjustable Kalani

Kahuna Snow Stick - Adjustable Kalani

Product Review (submitted on February 27, 2012):
First and foremost--and I don't mean to brag--I am pretty much the best snowboarder at Mountain High pretty much every time I go. Today is February 27, 2012, and let's just say I just wrapped up a milestone session that just about turned every head on the mountain. It was SO chronic. And I owe it all to Kahuna's Snowsticks.

First and foremost, I have never felt more steez than during my warm up jump: a 180 triple dipstick melon grab. Everything from busting phatty air guitar airs to sweeping my way past stickless kooks in the lift line just pretty much felt the steeziest ever. Just about everywhere I went, pretty much everyone was just so stoked on my big ol' stick. Basically, I couldn't go more than 5 feet without someone yelling at their friend to take of picture of them with me. Finally, I got the shred cred I deserve/earned. One guy even told the entire lift line to stop what they were doing to "check this guy out!!!" Steez. You know you're shredding when you hear the Snow Pigs (AKA ski patrol) telling those around you to stay outta your way.

Basically, let's just pretty much say this: along with audio jackets, GoPro headcams, and those helmets with mohawks built into them, Kahuna's Snow sticks Shred Sticks have gotta be da kinest snowboard innovation I've seen in 50 years.

*Minus one star for lack of irie color combos like rasta or weed coloured Shred Stix.