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Pohaku Surf Rider 48"

Pohaku Surf Rider 48"

Product Review (submitted on April 22, 2012):
my first longboard. it was a tough decision as there are a lot of products out there. i was surprised but over a 3 week period, KC was the only one of 4 companies to email me back with information about their products.

KC was out of the bigger wheels but Steve offered to send me a complete right away and the wheels when they were back in stock. very cool. it was raining in so i decided to wait for the wheels which were about a week out. what i'm getting at is that the customer service so far as been outstanding.

board and adjustable stick arrived a couple of days ago but i had changed my mind last minute and ordered the bamboo instead. since the package had already shipped (again, no problem at all dealing with KC and was mostly my fault anyway). board looks awesome.

i took the board out today for my first ride (waiting for my bamboo stick to arrive tuesday). i pushed around to get the feel for it and am very excited to get the big stick. i took my two 80lb dogs rollerblading around (as usual) to tire them out - then got a bit of courage, hopped on the Pohaku and had them pull me all over the place while i surfed/skated behind em.

it was even better then i expected. bouncy, flexy, comfortable, great carver (i felt like i was kinda wake boarding behind them.

very happy so far - highly recommended!