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Bombora  59" - Coral

Bombora 59" - Coral

Product Review (submitted on July 27, 2012):
I received the board by surprise because i wasn't expecting it to arrive for another day or two and instantly unboxing it and basking at its glories gave me chills down my back that only that really hot girl/guy you had a crush on back in highschool. My wife says its too big, ofcourse i would respond in a witty "thats what she said" comment. I took it out to the beach side with my kahuna big stick and instantly im the coolest guy on the beach. Drivers would honk at me, give me thumbs up, children want to examine the board and ride it and all other sorts of attention. The board is very firm and it feels smooth to ride even on rough surfaces. Due to being 6'2 this board fits my height. Its alot cheaper than having to purchase a 1000$ Stand up paddle board lmao