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Bombora  59" - Coral

Bombora 59" - Coral

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2012):
1. The width allows to mimic SUP stance having both feet pointing forward. Since you're not riding regular or goofy, you activate your abdominal area resulting with a greater mid-section workout.
2. The width also does a great job covering the wheels effectively preventing your Big Stick from hitting them.
3. It's so long you can take passengers or a small duffle bag!

1. Due to its length you'll need to be creative to turn this thing sharply.
2. I was disappointed the deck does not have grip tape. Unfortunately the website description did not state this. I would've preferred a clear semi-rough grip tape.
3. Heavy.

If you get one, you're getting it primarily because of its width. This makes it a great board to SUP on land when you're not feeling like getting on the water. Great for apprehensive beginners due to its size and stability but at the same time beginners won't appreciate having to lug it around since it's so huge. Without the Kahuna Big Stick, this board isn't very fun since it feels like you're pushing and carving the Titanic of skateboards.