Team Kahuna

Give your friends 20% off everything we sell.  Get paid 15% of what they buy.

 Kahuna Longboard Riders

Contact Us to get set up (U.S. only).


Program Details

You get paid once / quarter (after earning the minimum $100 commission).

Advertise to your friends, family, riding crew.

Cannot Advertise to Kahuna Creations' Facebook or anything else the company owns, anywhere Kahuna Creations is already advertising, public webpages you don't own ( etc.), or spam emails.


How it Works

After you Contact Us, we'll send you a promo code that gives 20% off everything we sell (besides bundles).  Tell everyone you know in person, on Facebook, etc. about your code.  Once a quarter, we'll see how much was sold using your code.  We're giving you 15% of your sales, and when you earn at least $100, we'll send you a check.

*Kahuna Creations reserves the right to make any program changes at any time at is own discretion.